Fast and personalized Breeding, The natural way

New generation breeding for sustainability and food security

Our Vision

01 / Productivity

Given limited land and water resources available for crop production and population soon to exceed 10 billion, ensuring food security depends on our ability to increase current crop yields on existing farmland.

02 / Sustainability

Meeting food demand while minimizing our environmental footprint is one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. Creating agroecosystems that produce more food with existing—or less—land and water is a top goal.

03 / Food Quality

Today, nutritional values and food quality drives consumer awareness towards healthy foods, improved tastes and flavors is generating new demand. 

Better selection, Personalized breeding

Our technological platform enables rapid and personalized breeding of varieties, learning the farmer’s field with its specific environmental conditions

Introducing BreedFit

Higher chances of  success

Shorter time to product

Natural and personalized


Our Story

EcoBreed was established by Israeli AgriTech veterans and high-ranking
Weizmann Institute scholars who believe that a paradigm shift in the breeding process is essential to secure a better future.

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Our Products


Seed is the most important and vital input for agricultural production. We produce quality seeds that will be sold to farmers enabling the production of safer and better crops.

We produce quality grains which are rich in important nutrients which are important for our health by reducing risks of diseases and by helping us cope with daily stress. Our grains are produced in a sustainable manner.

 More nutritional food ingredients produces by us will enable improved diets and help reduce the prevalence of diet-related diseases in the population.

Better and safer nutrition will enable a major change in the health and wellness of our customers, helping them live a better and healthier life.

The Team


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